starting pilot jobs

I am 52 years old and have been turning wrenches in the auto industry for 30 years and want desperately to change careers. I have 825 tt and Instrument and Commecial Ratings , what pilot jobs are out there for someone like me? Thanks in advance. Bill :unamused:

Hey Bill…heres something to ponder… :laughing: Be a repo man!!! Although, wouldnt be a bad idea to pick up your multi…nvr know what the heck you might end up with… … hy/?hpt=C1

Full time CFI comes to mind.

Pilot jobs are usually one of the last categories to recover following an economic downturn. But, they are out there. Get with the local schools and see what they have on top of instructing, do scenic flights, tow gliders, haul skydivers etc. You will probably find they tend to give those assignments to their full time instructors but you never know.
Do a search for job sites that specialize in aviation jobs too.

good luck.

A few years ago you could fly a regional jet. I would think if you got your multi and commercial you might pick up some contract flying right seat on a turbo prop or light jet. There are always jobs like that around here (obscure small market). Don’t quit your day job yet. With some multi and turbine time, you’ll be very marketable in a couple years.

How about a flight seeing pilot? Many places around the country have outfits that take people up for sightseeing.

Look outside the box. Special Flight operations, powerline/pipeline patrol, game survey, remote sensing and aerial photography. The good specialized jobs require an in or extensive similar mission background but the just ok and seasonal work gets you in the group.

Im surprised you didnt bring this up Fly…

You need 1200t to fly 135 IFR so he’d still need more time to fly for Flight Express

San Juan is VFR only