PPL with No Money..


Yeah…so…Don’t Laugh…

I would very much Like to obtain a PPL Certificate…But I have NO Money…Literally…So is there anything I Can do short of making friends with a CFI who has no desire to make any money and would like to pay for his own Fuel and Aircraft usage??..


If you have a bit of extra time on your hands you might (thats MIGHT) be able to talk to your local flight school and work out a work for time program. The trouble is you would have to sweep a lot of hangars just to pay for one hour of flight time.


Tried that…They said They had a system for employees to gain Certification wherein they would pull a bit of your Weekly Pay out for your lessons…so I asked for an Application, they then said they were only hiring A&P Certified Mechanics, and that if I Was Certified in turbine Engines they would pay for Half my flight lessons(they were hurting for a Turbine Mech at that time)…They were already full up on Sales Counter Folks and Fuelers and that 28 was a bit old to be sweeping Hangars for Lessons…


Are there any flying clubs in your area.
What General Aviation Airport is close to you?

Contact any Flight School, ask about local flying clubs.
Aviation Supply Stores, usually have an area where you can post a small ad, flyer etc… Post your interest.

Use the FAA Registry, check out some tail numbers at your local airport and send them a letter, stating your interest.

I used to work at a FBO in Toronto, back when we still had alot of GA airport at Pearson Airport. I would get asked almost every single day if I wanted to go flying.

Private owners of GA aircraft, generally have taken every single person they know flying. Often the friends do not have the same level of interest as the owner, who often look for people to go flying with.

Do you have any gas piplines in your area, in Toronto, we had Interprovincial with a JetRanger, and TransCanada with 2 JetRangers and 2 Aztecs. Every pipeline has to be flown over twice a week, to look for potential damage, work crews, whatever. Usually the pilot is more than happy to have someone come for the ride.

buttonvilleflyingclub.com/ As an example, this is the local flying club at my airport. Even without a plane, or license, by joining, they pair you up with an empty seat, every Saturday morning, depending on where they are going. You meet lots of aircraft owners, who come from every walk of life.

I’m sure if you look at your local airports, you can meet many people who will be able to help you.


AOPA Students here is your first freebie.

Note; if you include your local airports, in the area where you live, you never know who may be reading these post. They may be a CFI, an aircraft owner, or even know someone in your area.


Look into the Civil Air Patrol. They offer flight training to members at greatly reduced rates and you are doing something to help others.


Civil Air Patrol’s link


Best training in the world is free: United States Air Force. Must meet a selection board before age 28 1/2. Must enter Undergraduate Flying Training (UPT) before age 30.


Exercise Induced Asthma made sure I could never qualify for ANY branch of the Military…The Day I told the Marine Corps Recruiter I had Asthma the Military people avoided me like the Plague…I tried ROTC in College, BOTH Recruiters, AF and Army told me we could find a work around and that was the last I heard from them…

Notr sure about Nearest GA field, nearest field is Purdue University KLAF…Well…I suppose it’s a GA field…there aren’t any real Commercial Operations going on there…

I’ll look into Flying Clubs…but I’m not real sure if there are any around here…or even in Indiana…

I’ve thought about CAP…but I Was always under the impression they were more for the High School kiddes…

I’ll give them a looksee…

Thanks for the Replies though…I figured I’d get a “Yeah Right, Good Luck” type reply if any…


cobweb.ecn.purdue.edu/~ppi/ Prudue Flying Club

sky-vu.org/ Sky-vu Flying Club

Local airports within 30 miles of you, 6, with a total of 172 single engine aircraft.

Purdue University Airport
Frankfort Municipal Airport
White County Airport
Crawfordsville Municipal Airport
Kentland Municipal Airport
Logansport/Cass County Airport

flying-club.org/fc/fco_east.asp Flight Schools


I feel your pain. When I look back to how I ever made it through my PPL with a wife, a mortgage, and a kid who plays hockey, and the income we had/have?! It’s just proof where there’s a will, there’s a way.
When I did my instrument I got a loan, don’t know if that’s an option, but it’s out there.

As a kid I was a CAP cadet. Got to do a lot of cool flying that way, soloed gliders at 15, got to ride in USAF refuelers and ARNG helos and such. Half of the mission is the military training of the kids, and aerospace education, but the other side is the senior side. The search and rescue, some drug recon flying etc. That would be a very economical way to fly. The airplanes are dirt cheap, I think the dues are like 50$ something a year.

To fly missions obviously you need to be a licensed pilot and their pilots go through a CAP checkride etc, but to get through the ranks and such they have observers who are the guys doing the looking, so you could be involved that way while learning to fly through them as well.

Another option , like I have done , is start an aircraft cleaning buisiness, (for both extra flyng money, and plus hockey dues, which are worse than flying!!!) Send me a message if you want some tips. There you’ll be ‘on the inside’ and occasionally one of those pilots may take you around the patch, or instead of $$ someone may work out a will work for flight time deal (like the FBO you mentioned).