Working on the Ramp for AC


I am a Commercial, Multi IFR rated pilot about 500 TT. Currently I work for Air Canada on the Ramp. I would like to know that working for AC does have any benefits for my pilot career in the future. Thank you


Above and beyond proximity and familiarity? No, none whatsoever.


I agree with JHEM; I don’t think being a qualified pilot gives you any better chance (being you work for Air Canada). If you want to be one, there is nothing wrong with trying. But with all the airlines cutting, I assume there isn’t many if any positions open.

You will know more about the company, and be familar with management.


I’ll have to disagree with the other two responses. I have worked for several regionals, all of which gave benefit to flying employees. One airline I worked for was the reason I started flying (I had some time before but I bit the bullet financially and started working on it. Unfortunately due to 50$ :laughing: a barrel oil, our parent company did away with the regional carrier that I was a part of , so it never came to be,) but I do know of other carriers that will offer reduced time etc. Keep in mind they’re all regionals , so you won’t go from a 172 to a 76 in 6 months, but it is possible to get in an RJ or a SAAB etc, and work your way up. OF course 140$ :unamused: barrel oil plays havoc on hiring but may be nice to already have a seniority date and employee number when you start class!


FedEx and UPS are a good place to look if you’re a budding pilot. They like to hire from within the company, and I know several former freight dogs who worked the ramp between loads, and are currently flying for UPS or FedEx. Good luck.


Get on a flight with a free pass get cockpit access and fly it to destination with a great landing to show your capabilities.


That’s always an option. If you’re middle-eastern, you may even get the chance to show the government how its done while enroute on your rendition flight to Guantanamo Bay!


The advantage you would have is that you are a known quantity to the prospective employer. They already know that you show up on time, do your job, don’t cause trouble etc. Would they hire you over somebody who is more qualified? Unknown, but if two applicants were equally qualified you probably would have a slight leg up over the unknown quantity.


Try flying feeders. Good luck!! As someone who works still on the ramp, and had tried many moons ago to get into the left seat…stay on your course and don’t let anything get in your way…more exactly females :wink: