1500 hours for Airline Pilot now

Vs 250

bloomberg.com/news/2010-07-3 … ation.html

Dunno if its good or bad. But sure limits the pool now.

How many airline crashes have been caused by low time first officers? The only thing this will do is guarantee a lot of people to remain unemployed as the economy improves, if it ever does.

This law doesn’t mean much, very few people get interviews with less time than that anyway. The really stupid thing is that this is a kneejerk reaction by Congress forced by the families of the Colgan accident. Neither pilot in the Colgan accident were low time pilots, and would not have been affected by this law. Just plain stupid.

Nobody’s hiring while pilots are still on furlough. A few years ago you could get hired at a regional with very low time <750tt. As you stated, crew time or experience was not the issue at Buffalo. The captain was a complete moron and the FO sat next to him talking his ear off, further distracting him.

The Buffalo crash could better be blamed on experienced pilots, who had gotten very lax of their job, so should we ban high time pilots? Only kidding.

@David- I think you might have to put some blame on the air carrier for poor training when it comes to stall recovery.
In the lear we use to pitch up while adding power to escape the stall but because of this accident we are now trained to pitch down and accelerate before climbing.

@Manboi- the low time FO’s hired by regionals were people I wouldn’t want on my flight deck. Anyone that thinks a job that pays $18k a year is a career or even gaining experience have never had a job that requires instinct, guile and just damn straight survival instincts.
I’ve eaten s*it during the early stages of my career but it was never at the expense of my own wallet.

An extra 1000 hours won’t turn a bad pilot into a good one.
But for the other 50% it will require that they get more of the building blocks out of the way, i.e. towing gliders, throwing parachuters out and basically scaring themselves before landing a “career” job.
I’ve flown with marginal Captains and sharp FO’s, other than a bit of experience the total hours had little to do with how good they were.
To some pilots “experience” just means being able to find the FBO without progressive taxi instructions since they have been there before.