Opinions Needed- Pilot Fatigue


Hi everyone, I am writing a research paper for my English class on the effects of pilot fatigue and what can be done/has been done to prevent it. If you have an opinion, please reply to this post- I would love to use your quote in my paper! This will be very helpful for me as I would have (an) opinion(s) from Pilot(s) that deal with this issue. A regional pilot and commercial pilot would be awesome! Or if you just have a strong opinion on anything related to this topic please post!

Thanks a ton!


Contact this group.



I suspect you would get a bit of a biased opinion there.

I think there’s things they can do to keep productivity at present levels but reduce pilot fatigue by either having pilots consistently fly the same time of day more consistently so they have a more normal sleep schedule and by allowing a little more flexibility (can fly extra reserve on days when they are “feeling good” which then allows them more sick time when they’re feeling fatigued).

One issue with fatigue and sick time is that it is consistently abused as a negotiating tactic by certain pilots within union groups through informally organized “sick outs”. If pilots are serious about addressing fatigue issues through sick time, they need to be clear that this is not acceptable behavior and undermines their credibility.