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1090 radio


i just reinstalled the fresh latest image of pi-aware on a SD card in my Rpi

the Rpi is linked to my FA account and site #124101 (all in green status)

But in the main page on the Rpi , the 1090 radio is orange status and says connected to mode S receiver, but no recent data seen. And also MLAT in orange status (no clock synchro with nearby receiver)

What is happening? What Can I do?


@chapulin76 What is your power setup like?

I have the original Flightfeeder orange power plug 5v

Check you stats page, I think you accidentally created a new site, the site number you mentioned last checked in 2 hours ago, and there is a new one from today. Search the forum for feeder id and @abcd567 for a how-to.

You could also clear the browser cache, some it is slow to refresh, to see if the mlat etc status has changed.

What happened to the Flightfeeder?

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Yeah is there a reason for re-imaging the FlightFeeder? Please contact adsbsupport@flightaware.com and they will advise how to get the FlightFeeder back to its original state.

You’re not receiving any aircraft.

Have you changed the antenna setup as well?


I contacted the adsbsupport and they sent me the img to reprogram the SD card and the original Flightfeeder


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