zoom on map


is there a way to zoom in on the map ?


Not yet, but that’s a good idea. I’ve filed it as an enhancement in our bug tracking system (open to the public at http://bugs.flightaware.com/show_bug.cgi?id=75).


I would like to second that!! So far it is the only flaw I can find!!!


Please see this post for more information about new maps.


I’d also like the map zoom, but perhaps with the lat/long as a mouseover instead of the list. I personally don’t see a value to having the lat/long in a list, because you’d have to input each one on your GPS to see where it is and the current map is so much easier to use. lat/long could be displayed over the map when you put the mouse on the track or maybe with the option of turning it on/off as well.

Also, is there a way to include tail # info too?

And how about an automatically updating map like fboweb has?

All in all though, I’m lovin’ it!



Agree that the lat/lon listed out is not of particular value, although we don’t have a graphical representation of the altitude yet so it’s easiest to display it side by side.

We will be implementing javascript for hovering for more position information, click-to-zoom, as well as for selecting particular flights on the “airport area” maps.

Also, is there a way to include tail # info too?

Which tail number info do you mean? Having the tail # printed on the map next to the plane?

And how about an automatically updating map like fboweb has?

If you’re logged in, both the flight tracking page with the small map as well as the 800x600 large map refresh automatically. Is that not working for you or is your request different?

Let us know if you have any other requests.


Yeah, I meant the “N” number of the plane flying that particular flight.

Ok, now I see it update. I did not notice it before. very cool!



Oh, like if COA1448 is operated by N14682, you want the tail number in addition to the flight identifier? We’re working on that as well as gate assigment information. I don’t know if the plan is to have that appear on the map page due to the limited amount of space in the text box, but I’m sure we can make it a profile or view option.

Ok, now I see it update. I did not notice it before. very cool!



Zooming a map is a fantastic idea. I’m glad to see that’s being worked on. I’d like to suggest an additional enhancement that I don’t see mentioned in the provious comments.

My home is not particularly close to any major airport. When I can zoom a map, I’d like to recenter the map or to move it laterally. Many online maps have a ‘hand’ tool for dragging with a mouse. Then I could center a zoomed map over my home and refer to it when I see some unknown flight at 40,000 ft.

If you can program the above, will it then be possible to ‘save’ it to a member profile, so that I don’t have to recreate that map on every subsequent log-in to flightaware?

After that, can you infer a link to the flights shown on the map, so that a click on the label (or on the track or the ‘dot’) would open a window with the flight info for that particular plane?

If you can do that, then the zoomed map becomes my “Active Desktop”. It would be fantastic.


Moveable maps and some way to save your location are both in the works.
We also have the ability to provide mouseover-info and click-to-track in development testing right now.


Thanks for the super-quick reply, mduell. FlightAware is becoming a more impressive site by the minute. I’m looking forward to all these enhancements in the works.

Great customer service, btw!


THAT is a great idea. I’m one who really is interested in details, and registrations are very important to me both at work and in my hobbies. ( I work at an airport, and I am an aviation photographer.) Sometimes I have the need to go back in time to see what flights a certain aircraft worked that day. It would also be a very useful tool for figuring out where a certain aircraft just came from, ( or is heading to.)

Really loving this site guys…keep it up!