YouTube Video - Panic on United Flight

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According to the user comment in Youtube, a flight scheduled to friday 18 was cancelled due to radio problems and transfered to saturday 19. On saturday, with the same a/c, there was an issue with the right engine. The user said that it “failed to start”. After 1 hour maintenance, they announced that everything was ok and the flight would proceed. Several passengers complained that the right engine “sounded funny”. The crew told the passengers to shut up, and the disturbance begun. Eventually the federal police was called and removed a flight attendant and some passengers to get their statements.

The flight took off, but 3 minutes later there was a smell of something burning. The crew shut off the right engine and returned to Galeo. At least two tires blew up during the landing. That last information is confirmed by some news agencies.

Today, it was announced that two other UA flights had to return to Guarulhos due to “technical problems”, less than 24 hours apart from each other. Both flights landed without incidents. No further information available.

YouTube Video Panic on United Flight…

State of Washington considering Passenger Bill of Rights. Trying to solve a Federal agency’s problem that doesn’t even exist here.

That’s the purpose of government and government workers: to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.


No, you’re wrong again! Their real purpose is to ‘insure’ their employement and many, many more like them in the future, never less, always more. A cut back or reduction is still more than anytime in history, just not as much more as was planned, but still more than before. Regarding the Washington bill: they plan to hire people to administer this program, including attorneys. But if something ever happened here, and it never has, but if it did, when all is said and done they will pretty much do nothing.

Regarding the Passenger Bill of Rights lunacy… We already have it. It’s called the free market. If you don’t like an airline, don’t ever give them your money in the future. I haven’t flown United in 11 years.


You hit that one on the nail!

The stupidvisors here in Alameda county want to cut down on the number of tatoo parlors. They say there are too many. Their solution? Tax them. Don’t they realize there are so many because there are people using them? No, they’d rather tax them and get more money.

Definition of government “representatives”: Idiots