XML3 FlightCancellationStatistics not filtering by ident_filter=destination


We’re seeing some unexpected results for some destinations when querying for flight cancellation statistics, and I’m wondering if this is by design or a bug?


Returns a matching array of > 200 records. One of which is KLAX around index 120. KSFO and a few others have similar results.

Most other destination based queries return with the requested destination as the 1st entry in the matching array, allowing us to avoid making additional calls to find the offset data we need.

Is it intentional that the matching array returns more results than are requested? And if so, is the design that the requested destination be prioritized to the beginning of the list? Or is that just lucky coincidence for most airports?


FlightCancellationStatistics will sort by cancellations when an airport ident is provided. The specified airport is searched with cancellation/delay events generated at other airports sharing a flight with the specified airport. In cases where there are zero cancellations this may result in unexpected sorting.