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I was trying to get the same data as per https://it.flightaware.com/live/fleet/AZA/cancelled
with just a sample airline. I get now 11 cancelled flights starting from monday at 11.10AM to wednesday 5:05PM.

If i query by airline the FlightCancellationStatistics for today i get nothing, tomorrow 2 flights cancelled.

There is something i cannot understand. Anyone can help?

Thank you.


I’ve opened a bug for this behavior.

When using the single airline filter airlines with very few cancellations in the time_period are being unintentionally truncated from the list. As a temporary work-around a higher howMany can be set when making the single airline query. A value of 75 will normally force the result so long as there is actually a cancellation reported for the airline. This will not change the query cost since it will still only return a single result so long as an airline is specified in the ident_filter.


Unfrotunately your work-around does not provide any result. Also with homMany =75 or 100 i always get back zero results while your public page shows https://it.flightaware.com/live/fleet/AZA/cancelled 7 cancelled flights for today and tomorrow.