XML WSDL Registration problems

Hello there.
I am a noob.
I have a very basic question:

As I work with Visual Studio 2013, and Dot Net technologies, the web services are pretty much covered under the toolling.
My problem is getting through the initialization routine.

Here is where I got Stuck:

I get WSDL routine,
tye system asks me for name and password.
Password I key in - is the Key, not the Web Site password

When the Visual Studio Tool creates the necessary libraries

this is the point where I get stuck:

Normally - the routine
is to create a Soap Client, and then
call on the client.

I am capable of creating the client

      <      TestXml.ServiceReference1.FlightXML2SoapClient client = new FlightXML2SoapClient();     >

but then according to your example I do have to authenticate the client as in
<your example follows here
// <FlightXML2 df = new FlightXML2();
// df.Credentials = new NetworkCredential(“sampleUser”, “abc123abc123abc123abc123abc123”);
// df.PreAuthenticate = true;

I made couple of assumptions that
df in the example is a Soap Client that is being constructed.

but then soap Client will not accept the credentials.

To cover the Scenario that the Authentication stage has already been done
in the step while constructing the Soap Library with WSDL tool
then still
making calls on the client will get me nowhere.
as it returns me an error .

(to this part I did not get at all :slight_smile:

//    // get the flights currently enroute.
//    EnrouteStruct r = df.Enroute("KAUS", 10, "", 0);
//    foreach (EnrouteFlightStruct e in r.enroute) {
//    System.Console.WriteLine(e.ident);

What am I doing wrong ?
Will appreciate pointing me in the right direction.

Mike Pn.

Did you generate the interface stubs by running the command-line “wsdl.exe” utility, or by using the Visual Studio GUI to add the web service? Only the first method is known to work.

Thanks for your prompt reply.
Will try again.

(I did take the second approach).
Thanks again.