SOAP/WSDL FlightXML2.0 Microsoft .NET C#

I’m implementing a windows forms application with C# and I tried to do a simple request. My first approach to do that was to use the REST service, but always displayed me the error 401 Unauthorized. I realized that for .NET we need to use SOAP and WSDL. So I decided to change my code. With the SOAP approach, I could connect with the FlightAware Service Reference and see all the classes inside this.

My problem is that I don’t know how to set up my credentials and use a Request for FlightAware using the Service Reference. I revised the documentation online and the examples are obsolete, Could you help me with that? I really appreciate your help if you send me a couple of code lines with a example request.

You need to obtain a FlightXML API key from

An example for C# is visible near the bottom of … ation2.rvt Please be sure to follow the instructions of using the wsdl.exe tool rather than directly adding a web service reference to project.

Note that there is nothing preventing you from using our REST/JSON interface under C#, but we just haven’t published an example of that yet.

I could generate the FlightXML2.cs and I could obtain results through a console application, but I want to get results from a Windows form application, I copied and pasted the same code in my console application but a error is displayed:

You can not go to the server automatically. Connection Error with ‘’ server. Monitor seems that remote debugging of Microsoft Visual Studio (Msvsmon.exe) is not running on the remote computer. This may be because a firewall for assistance to set up remote debugging.

Actually, I desactivated my firewall too, but the error has displayed again.

Could someone help me, please?

You’re trying to do remote debugging on our server, which is unnecessary and will not work.