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Wrong flight information for TK6462

For flight with FA ID THY6462-1615428283-ed-0000, we see an unexpected actual arrival time using FlightXML3 endpoint FlightInfoStatus, querying on Ident TK6462.

The returned data has actual arrival in JNB on 09:42AM local time.

This is incorrect, and in fact, seems to be the time of actual departure time in IST.

Is this an issue on your end, or should we interpret the data differently?

using the epoch time, if actual departure time equals actual arrival time and both times are not 0, then that means we did not synthetically arrive the flight nor did we receive an indication that the flight arrived. This information can be found in our FAQ.

That explains the times in AeroAPI.

Looking at the flight, however, it does appear that we should have been able to synthetically arrive the flight due to having good ADS-B coverage to the surface. I will raise this issue to see why we had called it an estimated arrival and not determined the arrival ourselves.

Out ticket will be FT-7329 if you want to reference it if you need an update on status of the issue in the future.

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