Wrong Aircraft on Thumbnail

I was just bouncing around the site, and decided to check on N70AG, which is a G-V. However, the thumbnail pic is a PIA B772 with foreign reg. Not the end of the world, but I definitely had to do a double-take, as I didn’t think the Spanos’s (nor the Chargers) would get a B772 lol… I thought you guys might like to know :slight_smile:

Me too, my aircraft should be a Gulfstream 5. I just can’t afford one.

A Gulfstream 5 at KAJO… this should be interesting :laughing:

Corona has enough runway to land a Gulfstream 5 with about 600’ to spare and I’m sure a trucking company will help me get it back out. If these guys aren’t qualified I guess no one is.

Whoa, now that’s an old school cab over

I’m not sure why aircraft are appearing with the wrong photos, but you can resolve it by casting a vote on the right picture.

The issue seems to have corrected on that particular aircraft. The thumbnail shows the correct aircraft, the G-V, and clicking on the image shows the larger version of the same, and another of the G-V. I didn’t see any another aircraft for that registration. Glitch?

The problem remains in place for quite a few other registrations. Examples:

N6851T has several photos (with votes) in the database, but a photo of N611SG appears as the thumbnail for that aircraft.

N111WK has several photos (with votes) in the database, but a photo of N93974 appears as the thumbnail for that aircraft.

The locations, dates and aircraft types are completely unrelated.

In quite a few examples I’ve found, both the correct and incorrect aircraft photos already have votes on them.

Yes but any new vote will resolve it. Note I changed my previous post, the new vote must be for one of the correct photos.