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I had been running PiAware without issue for several months until a couple of days ago when I needed to move the RPi and reroute some cables. After powering it up again, it failed to connect to the wifi network.

I ran raspi-config to see if anything related to the network had changed, and when I select Network Options | WiFi I get the message:

“Could not communicate with wpa_supplicant”

What the heck does that mean? How do I go about getting connected again.


What image are you using? What modifications have you made?

I’m using the 3.7.2 image without modifications.

I see that there’s a newer image available, so I think I’ll go ahead and install that. I am still interested in figuring out what happened and why and how I might be able to repair that installation in case it happens again. My interest is as much for the learning experience as anything else.


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