world best raspberry pi case arrived today :)


hi all,

just wanted to share the nicest and best made (apple like precision) pi case i ever saw and was delivered today.

Custom aviation grade sandblasted black anodized Raspberry Pi B+ / Raspberry Pi 2 Model B case - from here: … available/

Dump1090 mutability 1.14 or 1.15dev performance?

The case should not cost more than the computer inside it. :unamused:


… it’s often the same with clothing where the content is cheaper than the packaging :)))
and if you compare to beast or similar it is still cheap


All seriousness aside, while this looks like a beautiful case, it also looks like a Pi toaster. With the exception of the ribbon cable slot, all ventilation is defeated by the tight fit around the various sockets. Add a ribbon cable and there is no ventilation at all.

While obviously less attractive and strong, this case: has kept my PI 2 and PI B+ before it at 119F and below during the Florida summer. Prior to using this case I would see temperatures approaching 130F. The PI is located in a waterproof box with ventilation holes (and screen to keep it from becoming a wasp haven) on the bottom. During mid-summer the sun hits this box directly for 4 to 6 hours a day. Naturally, I use heat sinks on the chips.


funny :slight_smile: that was my first thought too when i saw the case first.
but the opposite is true - my pi2 runs about 4 degree celsius cooler than in other very open plastic housings before.
this all aluminum case IS A MASSIVE HEATSINK ITSELF - and it works perfect - see picture (i borrowed from manufacturers website):


Aha! Though this picture is on the website, it is difficult to see at least on my monitor. Your clarification is very helpful.


… i made it a little brighter and added the red markers :slight_smile:


and of course you are completely right when saying ‘this is more than the computer costs itself’.
but i think the pi is a real great computer even being extremely cheap.
and when i think how much money i spend on mac pros, minis, iphones and ipads - i thought the pi deserves this housing :slight_smile:

kind regards


Amazon has another aluminum case that is cast instead of machined. This case acts like a large heatsink. … B00PVKL21A


yup - i saw this too - and larger pix via google. but this one is a different world - cheap china scrap


Some time ago, Sun Microsystems had a computer the size of a pizza box that sold for a card-deck sized pile of $100 bills.
Now we have a computer the size of a card deck that costs about the same as an extra-large pizza.
During the Calif gold rush, the most successful ‘miners’ were the merchants mining the miner’s pockets. Something similar appears to be surrounding the Rpi. There is also an anodized case for the RTL820 board :wink:


similar business made rockefeller a rich man. anyway - i love this case - and the money to buy is what i save a year with raspi ultra-low power consumption :slight_smile: