Heat in RPi and Antenna Dongle


Today I got my RPi up and running and everything is working wonderfully. I couldn’t be happier. However, I have noticed that the antenna dongle is warm to the touch. The RPi unit is also a bit warm on the underside. I am using a 5v 2amp power source. Is this typical? Anyone else have the same experience as me?


I doubt you have a problem and a 2A power source is nice; bigger is better.

My dongle gets a bit warm as well. I thought about taking the plastic case off of it to help cool it down, but figured it would be fine.
As for as your RasPI, you can check the temperature of the core with the command:

/opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd measure_temp

For reference, I graphically track two of my RasPIs and they run around 120F; sometimes close to 130F.
See: open.sen.se/sensemeters/tab/4387/


Thanks for the info (and the reassurance). I’m running my RasPi in a wireless configuration, so I’m not able to access it directly. At least I don’t KNOW of a way to access it directly…


Download a free copy of Putty on a windows machine and use SSH to open a terminal session to the IP address of your Pi. You can find this address on your Stats page here on FlightAware.


Details on how to SSH and VNC (I like to use the command terminal from VNC) into your RasPI see:
learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-ras … alling-vnc

This will let you ‘play’ with your RasPI headless/remote; ie, no keyboard, monitor, mouse connected to the ports.


I picked up a acrylic case for my raspberry pi with a cooling fan, pi temps from 40c down to 28c :slight_smile:

SunFounder Raspberry Pi Clear Acrylic Case with Cooling Fan for Model B+ on ebay


I’m running at almost 150 degrees even with a heat sink on top of the main processor. Strange.


150° seems a bit high. That is strange. Mine usually runs about 114°.


Driving the graphical interface will be a fair load for any small linux system that would cause your temperature rise on it’s own.


Even when I run the browser graphical view of the dump1090 program on my RasPI (mounted case-less in a closed closet) remotely via VPN using the full windows GUI I don’t see 150F.
150F is probably not damaging, but it is higher than most report.


I meant running X and Gnome or whatever the GUI desktop is that you can view over the HDMI port.

Browser graphical view I would think is quite light, since it’s only doing the table down the side and the planes … the map is from google servers, etc.