Wish? - Notify after outage


Can we have options for 3 hours and 1 hour please

The present 6 hours is long enough that I miss miss the email or the opportunity to restart 'till the following day. sadly though I might notice the stats page not being updated, that is often due to server lag.


I second that, 6 hours is too long to go and not know the system isn’t reporting.



We need an app that would allow one RPi to ‘keep watch’ on another RPi and report if anything unusual is going on. Each RPi would report to the other on a regular basis, say every 10 minutes. If one RPi reports that dump1090 has stopped or fails to report at all the monitoring RPi would blast off an email to the person-in-charge.

A person wouldn’t be required to own two RPi’s to make this work. You could simply pair-up with another single RPi owner and monitor each others systems.

I don’t know if such an app exists, but it would be useful.


Yesterday I did configure the hardware watchdog on my raspberry pi 2. Sometimes my raspberry have an unusual state and I cannot login or anything else.
I hope it will work. You also can configure the watchdog daemon to check log files if they are written from time to time.


It’s on the todo list, but first we need to extent the outage problem to be able to better detect if the problem is on FA’s side. We don’t want to annoy a bunch of people at the 1hr mark because we’re in the middle of an overnight maintenance window, for example.


It’s about more then Pi users though, we all crash and have issues at times with all hardware platforms.


Just turn the monitoring off when you are in a maintenance window?


Trying to avoid human factors. :slight_smile:


I concur. Please add a shorter interval than six hours.
Because users of the PiAware can select longer intervals, opting in to more timely alerts is not a problem. Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please. Please.


First, I apologize for responding to such an old comment but the thread as been awakened by another user so anything is fair game :smiley:

I’ve had this issue from time to time, that of not being able to ping or SSH to the pi yet my stats page continues to indicate that it has received data in the previous minute.

Those times I’m not in house, I find that it “heals” over time. Normally though I just restart the Pi with a power cycle.

I believe the problem has something to do with waking up a computer which has gone to sleep while Firefox is on the local Dump1090 web page. I saw this happen when I was running the original Piaware supplied Dump1090 and more recently with Dump1090-Mutability and Lighttpd. FWIW, my Pi is mounted outside and connected to my network with a wireless adapter. Unfortunately (or perhaps, fortunately) the situation does not occur often enough so as to get a handle on what might be the actual cause.


Maybe energy saving function of your wireless adapter… There is a thread here in the forum about this.


Maybe energy saving function of your wireless adapter… There is a thread here in the forum about this.

Thanks for the tip. I had disabled PS for the adapter in my initial troubleshooting of the problem. I am now keeping a scrupulously accurate log (well, as accurate as one can be at 5 a.m. before coffee.) I’ll report back.


I join the request. Let the feeders will chance to choose a smaller period of time. At least this opportunity will be seized by those who have the ability to check your radar remotely. I agree not to complain about the warning letter, if the radar will work properly :slight_smile:


We will do this as soon as we can better detect if the problem is on our side.