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Wish? - Notify after outage

If it were solely for the FlightAware, it would be :slight_smile:

Just another item to add to the tool box of tricks for managing sites that are often unattended for hours or days at a time.

I had to reset the router again this morning before leaving for work.

I think the ultimate solution since whatever underlying problem is unlikely to be properly diagnosed, debugged, and a fix implemented in the forseeable future, is simply a hardware watchdog circuit. Router or something else stops responding? Cycle the power, leaving it off for a couple of minutes.

I never needed to power off the device and wait several minutes, so my Monit instance is doing what is expected.

If you have to reset the router for getting the connect established again, then you have a problem with the router which Flightaware cannot fix

I had exactly that with my old Netgear router - From time to time it would just drop the internet connection and fail to reconnect. I had a dedicated Pi Zero with a relay in the power cable to the router. If the Pi stopped being able to connect to the internet for five minutes, it dropped the power to the router, waited thirty seconds and then put the power back on.

Exactly what Iā€™m dealing with, combined with intermittent situations where the PiAware has frozen up (like it did from 4PM until I got home to reboot it at 8 PM) but the router was still up.

So Iā€™m using 2 independent power channels. First script pings the PiAware. Second script does exactly what yours does with the exact same response. If the router is being reset it sets a semaphore to tell the first script to expect the PiAware will not respond for a while. Only when the internet is visible and the PiAware is non-responsive does it drop power to the PiAware for about a minute or so the restore it.

One thing I plan to do either tonight or tomorrow night is clone the micro SD card, as I have had other Pi applications (such as an APRS gateway running DireWolf) exhibit intermittent lockups if the SD is failing. It seems to write and over-write a huge number of .json files per hour which might eventually reach write endurance limits on the micro SD.