Outage Notification after 6 Hours, need troubleshoot help

Hi All,

i recently installed the supplied Raspberry Pi image onto a Raspberry Pi 2, setup an account, and started logging planes.

Today is the second time in 3 days that I have logged into the page to see what planes are about, but I got the 404 page not found. The pi is not being used by anything else so it has to be something to do with this.

I can log into the pi SSH no worries, but the website isnt running and my data is not being logged to Flight Aware as per the warning email I received to notify me of the outage.

To fix this problem, I simply have restarted the pi each time, and it come good instantly.

I am wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of some trouble shooting guides so I can narrow down the culprit and avoid this reboot every day or two.

Any tips?


I had similar issues with PHP files in nginx. i used this information to solve my issues… maybe they are similar in nature to yours

stackoverflow.com/questions/1780 … with-nginx

bon chance!

Hi Ben from VK land,
Check the logs on the RPI. It can help with diagnosing the problem.

/tmp/piaware.out (soon to be /var/log/piaware.log )

sometimes you can just restart dump190
sudo service dump1090 restart

There are often issues with the USB dongle that kills the programs.
Which USB dongle are you using?

There is also a new image due out this month. It may help with a few older issues.

From your location(excluding any terrain blocking), with an outside antenna(and good coax), you should be able to see planes from Sydney(Maybe), Melbourne and Canberra (at FL300+, not on the ground).


Hey all,

thanks for those tips. I will look closer when I get home to see if I can find a solution.

I just took note as it ‘froze’ (stopped logging) again. This time I selected ‘restart dump 1090’ and after a short time my local come back to life. So I believe it has narrowed down the issue.

Can someone please explain to me what the difference between the two functions below are, I see them both mentioned, but I dont know what each of them do differently:

  • pi aware
  • dump 1090

thanks heaps!

Dump1090 is the demodulator that does the actual decoding of the RF signals. It also serves the 8080 map.

Piaware summarises data from dump1090 and forwards it to FlightAware.

If dump1090 is dying regularly the most common cause is power problems making the dongle disconnect (this makes dump1090 fail)

Thanks very much for that info. So if its a power problem, does that mean I need to invest in a powered USB hub? Or get a new power source for my Pi?

The pi is running on a 2000mA 5v power adapter currently.

Sounds like a power problem indeed. Do you have the dongle directly attached to the PRi, or do you use an USB extension cable? If yes, maybe first try to run without the extention cable and see if the problem is solved. If you don’t use an extention cable, then I would recommend to try an other (good quality) power supply for your RPi (my RPi’s running on 2,5A power supplies).

What can the Pi handle? I thought it was designed for 2A??


The Pi will draw whatever amperage it needs.
Some power supplies will drop the voltage, which upsets the RPi, as they get close to their rated Amperage, also the ripple on the voltage may increase - Hence the theory that a bigger PSU is better.
If you have the tools, Voltmeter/Oscilloscope, you can check this but its often easier/cheaper just to change the PSU.
Many of the PSUs on the internet appear to be rubbish more suitable to mobile phone chargers etc. where accuracy of output is not so important. I tend to buy the PSU that my RPi supplier recommends and have not had any problems for a long time. (Probably because the RPi is now selling enough for manufacturers to design PSUs specifically for them.)

The Pi itselve uses < 1A, but if you use power consuming USB devices (and an RTL dongle is power consuming), a decent 2,5A powersupply is recommended.