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Wings Air 1240 Flight - Medan, Indonesia to SANTA MARIA, PERU

Looking through live flights I came a cross a direct flight from Medan, Indonesia to Santa Maria, Peru. It struck me as being a bit odd since the aircraft type listed is a ATR ATR-72 (twin-turboprop) which has a range of 949 miles whereas the flight distance is listed as 11,832 miles. It’s listed as a direct flight. Also the speed listed under flight data is 903mph for a plane that has a cruise speed of 320mph.

Is it possible there’s an error with the listing of the aircraft type and flight data?

The white line indicates an estimated position. Zoom in for the green line with actual positions. This flight is misfiled by the airline in the latest schedules we have (they filed it to SMG instead of SZB). Because of that, and because it leaves our terrestrial ADS-B coverage area before getting to the actual destination, we are not able to detect the correct destination.

Great, thanks for clarifying.