Question regarding feeding / reporting accuracy


I noticed something a little strange and wondering if you can assist. In the screen shot below, you can see a feeder near mine in Sydney (Australia - Site 460 – YPLB ) that shows a flight from Queenstown (NZ) to Auckland (NZ) JST280 (JetStar) at an altitude of 33,333. The distance shows at 13miles. This flight is over 3000 miles away. I have also put down another example I just spotted (example 2), which is also from NewZealand. The third is from the USA to the UK.

Can you let me know if there is a problem ?
Example 1 - … A/tracklog
Example 2 – … 0/tracklog
Example 3 - … L/tracklog

In example 3, here is some additional details.

Flight Tail Number Type Seconds Ago Ground Speed Altitude Distance Origin Destination
DAL63 (tracklog) N173DZ B763 93 14,820 65 Boston Logan Intl (KBOS) London Heathrow (EGLL / LHR)



If it’s showing a height of 33, 333 that generally means the data comes from an ACARS report



These reports though are >3,000 miles and I wasnt sure if ACARS has that distance ?

Also, this one is from the USA to the UK. Over 9,000 miles. … L/tracklog

thanks for the quick response.


Maybe location errors in unscrambling the report format


My pi diagram stats are wrong, because FA think my location is about 30 miles SW of where I really am. I have manually corrected the position a number of times but anything I do gets corrected by the system later.