Wifi pi to SDR Sharp


How do I see my wifi flightaware plus sdr in sdr sharp? It’s remotely located and a real pain to hook up directly.



SDR# is a demodulator, as is your flightfeeder.
Once your signal has been demodulated (turned from an RF signal into computer data (or audio, video etc)), there is no more demodulating to be done.
The short answer is that the broad RF spectrum SDR# displays is not available downstream of your fligtfeeder.


If I pictured your setup correctly, you won’t.

Can you provide more details of your setup?


I cannot make out what do you mean by wifi flightaware plus sdr.

Please be more specific about your hardware setup. Is it a Flightaware Flightfeeder with Wifi, or a Flightaware Pro Stick plugged into a Pi with WiFi, or something else?


I tried using a spyserver then to sdr# over TCP…but connection denied.


That’s what I want to do also.

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That’s the orange sdr flightaware sells

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I want to do a spyserver over tcp to sdr sharp but it want let me for some reason.

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Sorry, I’m still confused. Is this for ADS-B reception? Why do you need the SDR# and SDR# server, when you can simply load the Dump1090 map?

Besides, the AirSpy ADS-B decoder part is not in SDR# but in the ADSB# program.


I guess it’s only for airspy…and adsb# isn’t anymore…but now ADSBspy,which doesn’t work without airspy.


Yes, that’s what I meant to write, and one downside of the change is the lack of support for the RTL-SDR type sticks. However, if you saved an old copy of ADSB#, you can copy and paste it into the folder of the current version of SDR#, and use it with the RTL-SDR stick still.


Pi WiFi I was told I couldn’t do it because it’s converted to digital before the WiFi but I can sudo to the pi via ssh



I searched and found an old copy downloaded and saved on my Phone’s microSD card on 05-05-2013, as shown in see screenshot l-1.

The files contained in the zipped folder are shown in screenshot-2.

I have now uploaded the zipped folder to my DropBox. The DropBox download link is below:






Personally, for Windows, I prefer the RTL1090 program, instead of ADSB#.


Download the RTL1090.EXE VERSION 2 (103) - single exe file, and read the instructions on the bottom of the web page, as additional files/DLLs are required. The standard ones for the RTL-SDR.


I thought couldn’t get this…searched so many times…again you are a life saver.