Why is the Boeing 747 served the longest jet in service


I read many articles over the years about this huge multi fixed wing aircraft nick named the Jumbo jet. I recently visited a place called Victorville and was shocked to see the number of 747’s parked or left derelict with even some broken a part. Why is it these jets are put to the desert floors when they can be made useful and refurbished costing less then buying newer jets. I mean they can go on bio fuels which would be cheaper to run them there are many DC10’S there as well just sitting there rotting away. can someone give me reason’s to why the airlines woould waste them like this.


Well, I have some kind of explanation for myself.
There is something called material fatigue.
Every plane has to be grounded permanently
after making a certain amount of flight hours.
Or at least that is what I am guessing.
It is cheaper for air-companies to ground
those planes, than refurbish them/disassemble
them and recycle all the materials and etc.


Imagine a 1942 Wilies Jeep.

Now add some slick wheels with radial tyres. Add a large battery and a hybrid engine. Give it a nice sound system and leather seats.

What you’ll have is an updated “1942 Wilies Jeep”, but it’ll still be noisy and the canvas roof will still leak when it rains.

Planes are sort of like that.


It depends upon how well the structure of the jet is and the age. Let’s say for example in 1982 you brought a brand new Boeing 747-200 from Boeing company the price tag back then was $250 million now the airline operator has it for more then fifteen years. Over that time millions has being spent on it maintaining it replacing parts so it still continues it’s life with the carrier. Then come a time when the aircraft after twenty years service is costing more to run. So they decide it’s better to update there aircraft fleet and retire the aging jet. I no it;s sad to see them go to the desert floors and sit there until it finds a new owner probably a cargo carrier who would pick it up dirt cheap. Or it’s fate is to be scrapped parted out.


Plus the obvious, Boeing and others need to build new units to survive!


Don’t know the 747 price in 1982 but no way was it $250 million, it had to be way cheaper than that. I know in the mid 70’s Delta only paid about $18 million for the L-1011 and believe the first UA DC-10s ordered were about $14 million. Will definitely miss the 747, luckily we will get a Delta 747 here on Jan 2nd to pick up Clemson after the Sugar Bowl.


Well, according to this website:
The price of a 747-300, in 1982 was $83 ($185, adjusted to 2010 inflation) million.