Why does flight track not continue to arrival??


My track seems to always stop a few miles from my destination even though the flight has arrived…

It gives my wife “pause” as it looks like I didn’t make it :wink:


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If it stops just before the arrival, it could be because the pilot cancelled IFR or the controller sent an arrival message to the system

There’s also a known issue of tracking stopping during midflight being discussed:
discussions.flightaware.com/view … hp?p=45534


A few miles short is probably just the flight being marked as arrived when it’s handed off to the tower. A few states short is the bug we’re currently working on.


The gap is in the realm of 20-30 miles. The wife’s comment was “good to know that you didn’t 'drop out of the sky”

Thanks again.


That’s an issue with flights being marked as arrived when they’re handed off from center to the local approach controller. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about those.