Which one is the best antenna?

What is your max range per heywhatsthat.com?

I have a comparison of a handcrafted antenna with 3.8dB and the Jetvision with 5dB
The result is more or less the same as i am already at max range per location

However the Jetvision is more reliable on long term outdoor usage

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For reference

Apparently Vinnant, FA, A3, Pimoroni are all meeting the range.(post 137)
The only one thats not is the AirNav antenna.
Edit: Corrected the hight of airplanes 10000m-orange, 13000m-blue

Ignore the plots from post 135, the tests in that post are in another location with about 90 degrees of horizon view. Its purely raw performance of those 4 antennas.

That’s just not how it works.

First you have to exclude MLAT because you can get MLAT results for 3 minutes after you lose reception for an aircraft.

Then obviously heywhatsthat needs to be set for the altitude the aircraft is flying at.

Anyhow this makes nice pictures:

Even without the 2nd part, /tar1090/?pTracks makes nice pictures.

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@ wiedehopf Thanks for the advice
I dont get that many M-lat planes, about 20/day acording to Flightaware stats.

Still, i can confirm that Vinnant, FA, Pimoroni and A3 achieve this range.
With Vinnant, the max was 500ish msg/s, the others i do not know,
If i have the time i will test them all, as indicated also with Graphs1090 attached.

In my mind, the ‘best’ aerial is the one which gives me an actual signal map which matches my heywhatsthat plot.

Bear in mind we’ve had some tropo so my range has been extended a bit but I think this is pretty damn close.

which matches my heywhatsthat plot.


Vinnant vs Airnav Antenna
Left is Vinnant, right is the Airnav on the graphs

That’s the same for me here and a reason why i recommend it to check this before doing too much try&error stuff.
My range plot fits exactly to the heywhatsthat range.

That’s just a (funky) yagi.
Why post that in a thread titled “Which one is the best antenna?”

When it comes to ADS-B, directional antennas are a niche to say the least.

That’s nice, but it has nothing to do with this thread.
In this thread, it is either misleading or noise.

I could point out what is wrong with your other statements, but in this thread, that would only add to the noise.

Any one using this JetVision 1090 Mhz antenna? How it compares in performance with Flightaware 1090 Mhz 26" antenna?

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I am using the JetVision antenna. But without having a FA, i cannot compare :slight_smile:

What i can say is that the Jetvision is not significantly better than the previous one which was individually built by an eBay user.
But based on other tests (e.g. filter) with my setup, it depends on your locationand environment.

As stated i am also now operating an AirSquitter from Jetvision which is the best combination with their antenna and it does not significantly outperform a Raspberry solution.

So even if i would have a FA antenna, i do not expect a significant difference

1/4 wavelenth 1090 Mhz antenna with ground plane. Made with cutting edge technology. :wink:


Being a high-site, any non-resonant ‘antenna’ will appear to perform, but surly the elevated feed (a significant fraction of a wave length) means this isn’t a 1/4λ ground-plane?
(not to mention the ‘ground-plane’ is less than 1/4λ radius meaning it’s not a ground-plane*)


‘*’ “In antenna theory, a ground plane is a conducting surface large in comparison to the wavelength”


Anyone who has even rudimentary knowledge of antennas will at a glance know that it is a poor built, defying all standards

In addition, the comment “Made with cutting edge technology” itself shows that it was posted as a satire.

Your comments show that you did not realize this.

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tuna fish can? Now i understand why it’s outside…


I’m having a sense of deja vu here.
What does this POS have to do with “Which is the best antenna?”

I read that cantena works great, for me, a botenna is working even better.
Built using stock 1090mhz antenna, plus a simple ground plane, made out of 8, 69mm awg#6 ground wire, welded to a galvanized 1" flat washer, each bent on 45 angle
Same location and conditions, compared to a stock 1090mhz, I went from 40nm to up to 110nm.


most important, is bottle empty or full???

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The ‘preparation’ took a few quality hours with friends. The project contruction just a few minutes, I even spray paint it.
Anwering the question: no, it’s empty, I don’t think the airwaves will miss the liquid.


Does the vodka brand matter?
Or can it be used also with Whiskey, Gin…

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