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Which one is the best antenna?

I’ve heard this brand works very well:


Where is the 1/4 wave antenna in this picture?

Is the 1" flat washer just dropped over the base or is it underneath it?


You are right, stock antennas are not a plain 1/4 wave (fixed on the original post), also comes with a loading coil. The antenna is mounted on a plastic support, epoxied to the washer’s center. Coaxial is welded to ground and the vertical element. The idea was no to extend the vertical length.

You really can’t be sure these are tuned to 1090 MHz … even if the seller says so …
Often you’ll be better off unscrewing and replacing with 1/4 wavelen of wire.

My Jetvision A3 antenna has now arrived :smiley: just waiting for my coax next week.


You did not order Antenne and cable? But I bet you be as happy with the Antenna as I am

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I separately ordered a 10m LMR400 coax cable with the correct connectors pre-installed :grinning:

I hope I’ll be happy with the Jetvision too :+1:

Please keep us posted.

Here’s the swr plot of my Jetvision A3 connected directly to my NanoVNA, it seems that the antenna is resonant at about 1070MHz and also around the European 900MHz gsm band.

Looks similar to plots from other antennas