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Which countries do you support?

I have a new app in the iTunes app store: getjustlanded.com that uses the FlightAware API. We’re #8 in travel right now.

From my testing it seemed that FlightAware mostly has US flight data, which is why the app is limited to the US-only app store right now. My users are clamoring for other countries! Which countries do you guys have good coverage in? The most asked-for countries are UK, Australia, France, Spain and Germany. I couldn’t find this information in your FAQ.

Just to clarify, these countries also have to support flight alerts for me to be able to open the app up to users in those countries.


It’s a complicated answer. We have universal or near-universal for airlines in the US, Canada, and Australia. For the rest of the world it varies on an airline by airline basis, but we have most of the majors; about 40 airlines.

Hi there, does it mean to say even if i purchase FlightXML 2 and subscribe to queries (class2 for e.g) I will still be unable to receive information for a particular light a/c registration around South East Asian region (which i believe is outside your primary coverage area)? Please advise, as my company is thinking of purchasing a flight tracker that is able to specifically track the fleet of GA a/c that we have and these a/c fly around Singapore, Thailand Malaysia and Indonesia. Thank you so much.

For public tracking, the only countries we support right now for GA are the US, Canada, and Australia and for airlines most major (40+) airlines worldwide.

We offer private tracking worldwide for GA aircraft equipped with any of the major satcom/datalink vendors, please contact customer service to get it set up.