Where in the world is IMB204011?

Check out N327A, last FIVE flights (since May 7) have either originated from or gone to “IMB204011”. Here is the most recent.


This does not look like a “bobble”, the airplane on consecutive flights goes from KUAO to IMB204011, next flight is the reverse, next flight again reverses, and so on.

So, where IS IMB204011, OR…what does it mean?


–The BeachComer
Stephen “Beach” Comer

Thats the Kimberly VOR 204 radial at 11 DME. Either there is an airport near there that the computers don’t recognize yet, or the pilot filed to or from that fix in his IFR flight plan.

Wow!!! That’s a fast answer!!!

D’oh!!! OK, I should have seen that, it hasn’t been THAT long, I’ve seen those kinds of fixes in flight plan ROUTE segments, but I never knew you could use it as a destination.


What’s with the Catfish in your profile picture? Just curious, my son flies for VNR.