Where do I see data that was submitted by my ads-b receiver

I know this is a beginner question but I would like to know Where I see data that was submitted by my ads-b receiver.

Thanks in advance.


flightaware.com/adsb/stats/user … ealvesneto

Two sections about halfway down the page have a list of flights you’re currently contributing to:

  • Recent flights with positions from this feeder on FlightAware.com
  • Additional recent flights fed to FlightAware

Thank you

New so excuse my ignorance. Using Raspberry pi and PI Aware as I understand it so far there are two ways to see my data, locally and on flightaware.com with my data highlighted in different colors. So my question is do feeders to flightaware see unfiltered data on everything? I am both civilian and military so I need to see everything. How about alerts can alerts be set locally or on flightaware site?