When did DL stop flying from CVG to DAY/CMH?

I just noticed this today when making reservations for my quarterly CMH-SEA/PDX trip. A routing via CVG was available back in September.

What’s left of the CVG and MEM hubs now - and how much of future does either one have? :confused:

I was surprised to even know they flew CVG-DAY. I took that flight once, should have looked at a map first. :laughing: Our layover in CVG was longer than it would have taken to drive. Our flight crew even joked about the flight, and the flight attendent never took her seatbelt off, since the flight was all of 10 minutes.

DAY-CVG ended September 30, 2009

CVG still has over 100 flights a day. However they have cut most of the small nearby destinations, especially ones that are equally close to DTW.

MEM actually saw some growth after the merger with a number of new destinations added. However it appears that the new flights haven’t done well as most of them have been pulled. The size of the MEM hub isn’t substantially different from what it was in 2008.

Back in the day Delta operated an L1011 DAY-CVG-LAX roundtrip. TWA used to fly a 707 CVG-DAY in the 70s…I remember many years ago taking a TWA 707 CVG-CMH connecting to an evening TWA 707 CMH-LAX. The good ole days!!!

My wife (the girlfriend at the time) was a DL flight attendant back when they were still called “stewardess”. Her first successful bid started with a overnight ATL-CMH-DAY-ATL-“somewhere in Florida” every-third-day series of flights.

They flew CMH-DAY about 2AM - and yes, they listed this as an available flight in the timetable. Unless there was an easterly wind, they would spend more time taxiing to and from the gates than they did in the air.

I was an undergrad at The Ohio State University at the time - the OSU student ghetto was/is about four miles west of CMH, directly under the westbound departure path. At the time, we were lucky to see each other once a month - it was very frustrating to hear that flight pass over my apartment at about 2500 feet.

Dawned on me this morning that I have to go in transit at DTW to get to Columbus from CVG…SUCKS!!!

It would be quicker to drive than fly in this case.

I used to do the CMH-CVG part of a trip all the time. Would meet my partner who lived in CVG area and then we would travel together from there. He usually paid 3X what I paid… :unamused:

You can thank that idiot that is running Delta for that. He is hell bent on destroying Delta like he did NW.
This was posted on AOl today

Below are the 11 companies with the worst corporate reputations:

  1. Delta Airlines

Way to go Dick. :open_mouth:

In my personal opinion, this is further from the truth. I doubt CVG-DAY/CMH made any money for Delta, hence why the route was cut.

A lot of reputation comes from years and years of bad service. Leo Mullin destroyed Delta, the current board and Richard Anderson are trying to build it back up.

Wow. Wow. Really ? Are you realted to Richard Anderson. Because that guy is a full blown idiot. In case you have forgot he ran NW into the ground. They were bankrupt if you remember. Then somehow this carnival barker conned the board of Delta into hiring him and right off the bat he started lieing his rear end off. One of the very first quesitons he was asked was about mergeing with NW and he said they have no plans on that at this time . LIE . Took him about a year to pull off that one. Asked the NW emplyess how they feel about that guy. Then he took away the regional airlines employee pass benefits . Anytime he was asked about the selling wholly owned subsidary’s that fly under Delta’s banner and all he would ever say is we are looking at what we are going too do with them .
In dick speak that means he is either going to dump them or destroy them. So he sold all the regionals he could and is still holding onto Comair because he couldn’t sell them . So since he can’t sell he will basiclly liquiidate them by cutting thier fleet in half and either selling what’s left of them or just spin them off . So to the guy who’s asked about this flight to start this thread just wait. Good old dick with evaporate CVG and the only old Delta hub that will be left will be ATL. That will leave DTW,MSP and Memphis .Which by some chance is OH NO … All old NW hubs.
And just to answer the obvious question which may be on your mind. No I do NOT work for any airline.

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In case you haven’t been kicked off the site yet, I should point out I am a PMDL employee at DAY. Comair has been dying since fuel shot up, their 100s are the most fuel inefficient plane in the regional fleet. Comair is pretty much done because of fuel prices. As far as I know, the regional airline pass benefits are still around, hence why I had Comair and ASA employees list for flights today. CVG is at the point where it can operate effectively, there was a good article a while ago in the Enquirer about why CVG was not an airport that could support 600+ flights a day. In case you haven’t noticed, MEM is the only hub right now on the chopping block. Also, I’m pretty sure SLC will be around for years to come, the good old PMDL hub (and a good old Western hub). And with your qualifier “I do NOT work for any airline,” my guess is you used to work for Comair and then went to Regional Elite which technically isn’t an airline.

Sorry . You guessed wrong. I have nothing to do with or no affiliation with any airline. Never have .Nice try though.