What's going on at KAGS?


Augusta GA (KAGS) seems to be packed with biz traffic this morning. Is this typical or is something going on there?


The Masters Tournament!


In my best Homer, “duh.”


It’s actually "DOH!"
But a “duh” would definitely suffice here, especially if the poster is from the area. :wink:


That certainly explains it. Golf could not possibly bore me more, so I would have never thought about that!


My only connection to the Masters is the fact that a local young lady I was pursuing many years ago had day tickets compliments of her MD dad and invited me to attend with her.

I went AWOL from Ft. Gordon for the day to escort her!

Fortunately my CO at the time was a huge golf fan and I got away with a relative slap on the wrist by being restricted to the post for the weekend.

Yes, it was worth it! :laughing:


So you were a soldier stationed at Ft. Gordon, eh? I did my “Advanced Individual Training” there back in '84. Like 1AJR, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about golf, although I did love the movie “Happy Gilmore”! I didn’t care too much for Ft. Gordon either come to think about it…


Same here but 18 years before you. Got my jump wings there also as my whole class was airborne. We did our first two weeks of jump school at Gordon and our final jump week at Benning.

I’ve had to become a bit more interested in golf of late as both of my SILs (and their families) are avid golfers. In fact one of them hopes to turn pro.

To me a game of golf is a good way to spoil a nice walk in the sunshine.


I love playing it, don’t love watching it. I’ll watch maybe 30 minutes or so this weekend; that’ll solve my spectator fix for 6 months or so.


I also recommend checking out KDNL (Daniel Field in Augusta) and KAIK (Aiken, SC which is about 20 miles from Augusta) for Masters Tournament flights.