What is the difference between scheduled_out, scheduled_off, scheduled_on and scheduled_in?

I am new to Aero API, I got the following data from GET /airports/{id}/flights/to/{destination_id}:
“scheduled_out”: “2023-03-10T01:01:00Z”,
“estimated_out”: “2023-03-10T01:01:00Z”,
“actual_out”: null,
“scheduled_off”: “2023-03-10T01:11:00Z”,
“estimated_off”: “2023-03-10T01:11:00Z”,
“actual_off”: null,
“scheduled_on”: “2023-03-10T04:19:00Z”,
“estimated_on”: “2023-03-10T04:19:00Z”,
“actual_on”: null,
“scheduled_in”: “2023-03-10T04:29:00Z”,
“estimated_in”: “2023-03-10T04:29:00Z”,

May I know which one is the departure time and arrival time?

OUT of the gate to the runway
OFF the runway into the air
ON the runway from the air
IN the gate from the runway

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