what is a Avro Lancaster?


What is this type of plane? Seen on here the pictures and looks like a quad propeller plane or a single engine plane.


Google>Avro Lancaster=


Flightaware gets confused when it sees a flightplan for a Lancair (single engine) and assumes it’s a Lancaster (four engined bomber). Although to be fair it’s the pilots’ fault for filing as “LANC” instead of using the proper designator:
LEG2 Lancair Legacy 2000
LNC2 Lancair, Neico, Padc, Pai Lancair 200/235/320/360
LNC4 Lancair, Neico, Padc, Pai Lancair 4
LNCE Lancair Lancair Es
TGRS Lancair Tigress.

You can be certain you’ll never see a flightplan for an Avro Lancaster; they fly VFR and there’s only 2 of them.


Absolutely no one in aviation refers to a multi-engine, or in this case a four engine plane as a "quad propeller’ plane.


Careful… you’ll be labeled divisive and a malcontent like the rest of us if you keep that up… :wink: