Lancair identified as a Piper


I have a Lancair 4 PT (LNC-4). The P = Pressurized and the T=Turbine. Tail number N9XW. However Flight Aware always shows the airplane as a PAI Lance piston. Is there any way to get this fixed? :question: I can’t see any way in “My Account” to fix it myself.


The LNC4 identifier is just for the piston version.

LNP4 is “Lancair Propjet 4” and LNT4 is for the “Lacair Sentry 4T”

If you want to file one of those, it’ll work.


PAI isn’t Piper, it’s Pacific Aeronautical Inc (Philippines) who probably builds/built the Lancair 4 under license. I’ve changed it to prefer using the Lancair manufacturer, which should take effect over the next couple hours.


Great, Thank you. Let’s go with LNP4.

Don’t know where the PAI came from. I have never seen any reference to it in any of the Lancair web site or materials.

Thanks again.