JetProp Conversion

Zizelmann Aviation LLC has purchased N415WR, a Piper Malibu Mirage PA46 350P and have had it converted at JetProp LLC to a turboprop, and have registered it with the FAA as a PA46-500TP
You have tracked each of our flights this month but it is still designated as a PA46 350P and still listed as Henderson Airways, the seller…
How often do you update, or is this sufficient notice for you to update your database?
We REALLY enjoy your website.
John Zizelmann

I believe the FA database is simply a link to that maintained by the FAA.

As you can see here, the FAA has you flying a recip still owned by Henderson!

Great upgrade, I’m sure many of us would appreciate reading your thoughts on flying this puppy.

FlightAware displays the aircraft type exactly as filed, rather than what may be on the FAA registration. Looking at the history of that aircraft, sometimes the operator files PA46 (recip) instead of P46T (turbine). Both flights today were filed correctly as P46T.
The owner will be corrected shortly after the FAA updates the record in their database.

How do they like the JetProp conversion? FIL is finally figuring out if he wants to do his 85 Malibu. His friend flys N84RL out of the Tampa area. He was #153. So far everyone I have talked to, as well as my FIL has talked to say that it is well worth the conversion. Some even have said they would reccommend the conversion rather than spending the money on a new Meridian.

Anyway, friends bird (N86RL) is still listed as a PA46 350. Even the FAA still has it down as a 350, so don’t feel bad.

On a side note, that is a beautiful bird!