What Happened To UA919 (IAD-SAN)?

Saw this post on Airliners.net (can’t reply to it since I’m not a member)

I was on this flight Saturday night.
Had too make a quick stop in Albuquerque airport to drop 1 person off.

It was a neat emergency landing(sharp left turn)!

A man around 70 years old stopped breathing and they had to use the AED device on him 3 times & CPR.
looks like the guy will be okay per the people that worked on him for 45mins before the landing in New Mexico.
It sounded like the man was a diabetic person. plus the temperature inside the plane was warm doing the whole flight.

United asked for a doctor and nurse if anyone was on aboard the aircraft. (none was on aboard)
One guy that helped invent/engineer the AED helped out.

The man went to the local hospital in Albuquerque.
Everything went smooth at the airport with the fire dept and United.

Sharp left turn into Albuquerque airport.


flightaware.com/live/flight/UAL9 … Q/tracklog

Then the United pilot came on said San Diego has a curfew after 11:30pm.
Then he corrected himself about 20mins later said it was for take off only not landing.

The plane got more fuel in Albuquerque airport before taking off for San Diego.

(I knew it wasn’t correct! as I told my family)
and ‘United Channel 9’ was turned off before the flight took off from Wash DC. Pilot wouldn’t turned it on after I asked him.!


P.S The plane did have a mechanical problem in Wash DC. It was fixed two times. (one a light was on in the cockpit after push back from gate.)