What gives? no planes, then planes

So I have had my pi flight feeder forever. Let’s say I used to see 70 planes all around. A while back it started showing just 7 above my house. Well, I was not to upset as I normally just run in to look when something is over head.

But the other day I got to clicking around and did update 1090. 97x, and piaware. Nothing seemed to change.

Then yesterday lo and behold I had airplanes everywhere again.

Do I need a new SD card? I have not messed with my coax or antenna.

Any ideas?


Sounds like there was moisture in your antenna or coax, and now that it’s summer in the northern hemisphere and temperatures are warmer it finally dried out. Or it could be a loose coax connector. When temperatures rise metal expands and it may have done so enough to restore a poor contact. What was the weather like yesterday, warm and sunny?

When an SD card fails it fails and doesn’t usually heal itself, ad your symptoms don’t sound like a car failure to me, they sound like an issue with the antenna or feedline. Check yur coax connections and make sure they;re still tight.

This graphic shows the difference made just by tightening the co-ax connection to my Flightfeeder. I’ve no idea how it came loose, it’s not been touched or moved for weeks.



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