What exactly are these?

On Friday July 31 at Teterboro in a span of about three hours six identical looking jets arrived, they all parked in a corner of the Signature East ramp and then all departed within about a two hour period on Sunday August 2. They were all red and white.
Their radio call signs were BOBCAT22, BOBCAT36, BOBCAT42, BOBCAT46, BOBCAT83 and BOBCAT94 both inbound and outbound.
They all had civil registrations but were too small for me to read.
I don’t know what they were, my best guess would be Alpha Jets but that is little more than a guess.

  1. Does anybody know the civil registrations for these six jets?
  2. Can anybody identify the correct aircraft type so I can continue to search for more info?


Google is wonderful…


I’ve found this list more reliable than not. Based off a second Google of the possible hits gets you:

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McDonnell … 45_Goshawk

Looks to be some T-45’s if you ask me…

I googled the call signs, what I looked at was similar to what you linked but not the same. With what I was looking at none of the aircraft types that I was familiar with could have been it, based on what you linked I concur they were likely T-45s.

Thanks for the reply and info, I’ll continue to search for the registrations under the premise they were T-45s.


Third BOBCAT is T-45’s out of NAS Merdian MS