What ever happened to the Angel Aircraft Corp?

ive seen photos of a beautiful plane
the AAC Angel 44…
ive never seen one flying though
are there any still out there?
according to Wikipedia there were only 4 built but the whole article on it is only 1 paragraph long…anyone have any more information?

Looks like they shut production down sometime around 2012. From an article I found on the Iowan.com titled On a Wing and a Prayer: “After building and selling three Angels, work at Angel Aircraft has come to a halt. Mortenson has not stopped planning, however. He envisions a major design change — replacing the plane’s gas-powered engine with a lightweight diesel engine because aviation gas is scarce in remote areas of the world but diesel fuel is plentiful. Unfortunately, such diesel engines don’t currently exist. “We’re stymied with no dollars to work with,” he says, adding that recent visitors from China, India, England, and closer to home have expressed interest in the company and its designs. Someone, he believes, will put more Angels in the skies.”

Article is here: http://www.iowan.com/read/rss_feed/?on_a_wing_and_a_prayer&show=news&newsID=15040