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What are these planes doing


VRS is great at displaying local aircraft. They even have pictures of many of them.
Check out http://www.virtualradarserver.co.uk/

You can install it on a Windows device(or linux) and it can display the traffic on your piaware.
I think plane plotter does something similar.


I read about VRS, but as far as I understand it is necessary to feed with DSB data :frowning:
I search and found 2 places for ADSB :
http://www.adsbhub.org, http://www.adsbhub.org/coverage.php

But how to use with VRS ?



ATC does not care about the IATA code. The flight plan is created by the airline using the ICAO code. The callsign for RYR90GF on the radio will be “Ryanair Niner Zero Golf Foxtrott”.


I caught this one this afternoon.
Aircraft belongs to Aerometrex

"AEROmetrex provides full aerial mapping services and products to our clients by exploiting both existing and emerging air and ground imaging technologies. "



SweetPea11 – Fantastic! That’s great, makes perfect sense…you brought this to a close in my opinion…
Now there’s only the “mysterious” activities in the Mojave Desert (California) remaining, which have been described as not even being airplanes at all…but I will continue to view those tracks as being made by actual airplanes until solid evidence to the contrary emerges…
Thanks again SweetPea11


Here is a similar one VH-UUD doing circles on a training flight.

Not quite as prolific as your first picture but similar in nature


and in Flightradar24 for those who think it is better

We get the occasional plane with dummy credentials.

Registration is often TEST24 and ICAO number 123456 or 000000.
Often late at night there may be two or three but no location or speed and heading information and sometimes with location and apparently reasonable flight path.
Under normal conditions I can’t see planes on the ground at Melbourne, Essendon or Morrabbin airfields so I have no idea where they maybe coming from. Strange times for Mode-S only aircraft to be airborne and no sign of them on MLAT.

Who knows.



Where are the settings for map layer preferences?



Here is one ICAO 123456 and Ident 2000

This is identified by MLAT so at least 4 stations must be hearing it



I was referring to the map layers on the website, not in Skyview. Those layers are shown by clicking on the pull out on any map on the website.


…yes, your top picture there looks like what one would expect from some training exercise…nice… : )
…my Mojave Desert “find” suggests something different in my opinion…


The only reference on your map was Fort Irwin so I had a look at Wiki

Interesting place. Apparently it is a civilian no-fly area.

This raises a number of questions;

Is it really a plane or is it some form of training exercise in electronic warfare?
Is it flying in the restricted military area?
Is it pilot training or part of a military exercise?
Why does it have ADS-B turned on?
Maybe it is a Russian spy plane or drone and it has bogus credentials in an attempt to confuse the military?

Do you see any other aircraft in the area?



(…I’ll take the russian spy plane suggestion as a joke) – …no, that particular area does not see much air traffic – it is a bit north of a very trafficked path though, that between Las Vegas and Los Angeles…
I don’t have answers to your questions…and, you have to be very “lucky” to discover this type of activity, since a plane on flightradar24 looks much like any other plane and only if you happen to click on it, will you “discover” this strange behavior…I have “happened” upon it twice, which is why I posted here about it, but I haven’t seen it again, or tried to find similar for some months…


…OK then…we seem to have exhausted this topic now, so…I will delete images from flickr and that will, I’m assuming, cause them to vanish from here as well – Thanks all for contributing to this topic!


Sorry to drag up an old thread.

We have seen lots of circuit work for training pilots in small planes.

Here is what looks like a learner in a Qantas Airbus A320.

Originated in Sydney and appears to be heading back for lunch.