Flightaware tracker


Can anyone out there explain why we can see aircraft high up on flightaware yet when I tried a site called FR24.COM these aircraft disappear up high. Don’t these sites have receivers like this one does. This is a real good site minus the live chat that some site have which can be of interest or boring or sometimes serious or a child’s play ground as well. So please can some one tell me why this occurs yet we get excellent coverage here


FR24 don’t like to talk about how they choose what data to display, so good luck finding out. Sometimes it seems like they use magic and handwaving.


There are a number of things that control coverage. Between FA and FR24 the coverage may not be the same. Antenna takeoff angle and obstructions (like mountains) will change the look. And yes - FR24 doesn’t explain why or what very well - if at all.


Yes agree FR24 doesn’t have the receivers like FLIGHT AWARE do to track and monitor aircraft They boast about they have everything? I find that hard to believe. receivers well? just stay here with this site much more advanced then FR24. As for fr24 chat stay off it is the best answer lots of undesirables there like the comet above states. I am happy here more info more tracking images a great.


I don’t rely on fr24.com at all sometimes there maps are in accurate and they have no relievers at all but they intend to come here when they need info on flights in trouble or squawking emergencies and as for there chat room best thing for people to do STAY out of it it’s full of small children who need to grow up. :laughing: :laughing: They just constantly talk crap as do there moderators or halfwits whatever they call themselves, I just watched and had a laugh. It’s a children’s play ground. FLIGHTAWARE has the best info up to date every minute on anything that happens. Flightawrae have receivers and you can see the aircraft high up Excellent viewing. :laughing: :laughing: