Why is FLIGHTAWARE more better the FR24.COM

Can anyone on flightaware tell me why people complain so much about flight fr24.com. I mean you cannot even get up to date info from them they intend to come here and where are there receivers?? Yet here we have real time receivers and can find aircraft high up Also there face book page is crap too and here at FLIGHTAWARE its fantastic. Another thing Flight Aware members are really good to get along with and help you out. With FR24.COM you get abuse and crap thrown at you. I don’t know what’s up with that site honestly and other aviation site are good can anyone explain this .

Well a bit of advice stay with us here you get more better results. You can find aircraft anywhere so long as there not on the ground I have found FLIGTAWARE far more better to locate aircraft high up even I have got them in flight at FL360 using WI FI. I have tried fr24.com like you say the coverage is crap yes and they do come over to us here looking for info that’s not usual at all most people prod around aviation sites to find aircraft but so far this FLIGHTAWARE has proven to be the best.

You other comment about the chat room on fr24.com well you said that right thank goodness we don’t have that here. yes they call you all sorts of things. Socket puppets trollers whatever there little minds can make them think. But Just ignore it all we know what they all get up to. As a FLIGHTAWARE member you can access lots of info compare to fr24. If you still get abusive email from these little morons best advice save it paste it go on to Google .com find the CEO of the web site and show them what;'s happening the can get rid of the wannabies whoever is upsetting you better still change your email address if need be. But stay here at FLIGHTAWARE. :laughing: :laughing:

What I can say to all who don’t like FR24.COM or there chat rooms is DON’T VISIT THE SITE less worry and less stress where here at FLIGHTAWARE more much more coverage and no chat rooms. There are many aviation sites to view but we also know these cuplorits come here and visit others all day long just there faces glued to screens watching for news that breaks from this site or hacking others. I don’t go there I have seen there coverage absolute crap. Here I can see aircraft high above. :laughing: :laughing:

Talking to yourself, again.

well the penny has not dropped for you has it being a member of fr24.com live chat you should go back to that deluded place were morons and small children play instead of being adults :laughing: :laughing: they talk to themselves like you do. FLIGHTAWARE is more advanced the fr24.com just remember they don’t have receivers that can track high altitude aircraft like this site can and we don’t need a chat room full of children here it’s for adults not school kids.

How many different accounts do you have here?

I am not sure of the last comment from this person or the others but this is a aviation site you shouldn’t be asking how many accounts people have or hacking into other people’s accounts. You should no better you are breaking the law in any country Is this what you do in your past time? You could end up doing time? Just remember Homeland security monitors all aviation sites including this one and they can track and trace people like yourself with IP blockers there alot smarter then you will ever be. Think about it.

I don’t give a dam what people think of fr24 or any aviation site at all if they don’t like it to bad for them and you. Find another site to see or Hack don’t come here and talk such crap yourself. Get a life. :laughing: :laughing:

The rule is: ignore such posts. I just broke the rule, damn.

I use FR24 primarily to find tail numbers.

ptthmas745 :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: you are the socket puppet and a good BS little boy such a small mind you have when are you going to grow up become a man probably never. Well maybe FLIGHTAWARE might do something about you to stop your nonsense rule three Oh my goodness i just broke it just ignore people like this. Have a nice dat people.