What are "other" aircraft?

What exactly are “other” aircraft? We have an ADSB, UAT, and MLAT columns but what exactly makes up an other aircraft?

“none of the above” (an aircraft we can hear messages from, but which has no usable position information)


If it has no usable position data, why does it get used in stats?

It’s data that is being reported by your feeder, so it makes sense to count it?

We do have some uses for positionless data (e.g. “avionics on” timing) and it can be combined with data from other feeders that are reporting positions.

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Here in Australia where units like the SkyEcho 2 are approved, these show up as “other” because of the Source Integrity Level (SIL) value that they transmit. Position data is sent with these transmissions just like ADSB transponders. The SE2 is not a substitute for a real transponder here, and does not allow the aircraft to access class E, C or A airspace.

FWIW we’ll still take positions with a low SIL / NIC / etc (but we trust them less) - they should still show up as ADS-B positions.