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Comedy 'other' aircraft values in the stats

This can’t be right, surely?


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Large quantities of bad data, junk single message aircraft. Probably a bad combination of aggressive error correction settings somewhere. (It’s not using the standard packages as it’s an x86 build so I don’t have much visibility into what is actually running).

I’ll disable the site, thanks for the heads-up.

(it would be nice to remove ‘other’ from the ranking now that mlat is widespread, but there are riots in the streets every time I even look at the stats system, so…)

I must be doing it wrong - I only have 19 'Other" aircraft in the last 7 days… and one of those days was zero.

Maybe that’s why I struggle to stay in the top 10k in the rankings!

Low “other” counts is what we want! They are aircraft without position information of any type - which is not very useful for flight tracking. If you have low/zero other counts, it means that you have good ADS-B equippage rates in your area and/or your mlat is working well.

Sorry, I was kidding!

I think I am actually doing about as well as I can for my area. I usually hover near the highest number of aircraft among the receivers in my area.

There are a couple that absolutely crush me on positions, but track fewer aircraft. As an example, there is a currently one user who has almost exactly 30% more positions than I - 337k vs my 232k, but 33 fewer aircraft. Not sure what’s up with that…

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I ‘benefit’ from others when we have good tropo conditions here, I’m pretty sure that they’re coming from half a dozen ground stations that pop in from the North Sea and the coast of Denmark. I say ‘benefit’ although my stats rocket, I don’t want them to (at least, not from ‘other’).

Have you considered leaving them on display in the ranking but not including them in the total count? Then after six months when the pitchforks and torches have been put away, remove them from the display?

They are probably useful for display, not including them for total would make a lot of sense so it doesn’t give people an incentive (yes that is incentive for some people).

I’d say it’s mostly random aircraft from which you only pick up very few messages.

That’s possible but when we had a big opening down to the south east and I was seeing traffic over Switzerland, I didn’t get anywhere near the numbers I get when it’s open to the north east where those static platforms and ground stations are.

I got in touch with the user. It turned out to be an airspy that was inadvertently configured with -e 20. Should be back to more reasonable numbers now.

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Fantastic, thank you.

I notice @suffolk3000 is running quite a high ‘other’ count again (tagged in case you hadn’t noticed) which happens from time to time.