What airplane landed when ?


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My wife was driving home the other day, and swore she saw what she thinks could have been an Airbus A380 landing at Dulles Airport (KIAD) last Monday 8-25-2008 around 4:15- 4:30 pm. Sometime around there. She was driving down Rt 28 a few miles from Route 66. She could not see any markings and did not know or could not tell the airline. She was also in Rush Hour traffic, hesitant to take her eyes off the road. She thinks it was White with “Blue” stripes.

Any help telling me how I can go back and identify what flew in to an airport in the past would be greatly appreciated !!

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This would be the flight / aircraft. An AN-124…one big bird. It came back in again last night around 1915. They make occasional stops through IAD. I have had the good fortune to work with them in the past and let me tell you it is a cool operation.


Not even a 4 engine arrival.

Here’s the list of arrivals into KIAD around that time. The times on the right are the arrivals in EST (3 hours ahead) as per my preference settings in FA.

CJC6931 SF34 Altoona-Blair County (KAOO) Mon 19:10 Mon 19:50
CJC6906 SF34 University Park (KUNV) Mon 19:07 Mon 19:41
CHQ7780 E145 Buffalo Niagara Intl (KBUF) Mon 18:48 Mon 19:39
TRS135 B712 Hartsfield-Jackson Intl (KATL) Mon 18:18 Mon 19:38
SWA552 B733 Chicago Midway Intl (KMDW) Mon 18:24 Mon 19:36
UAL933 B772 Frankfurt Main (EDDF) Mon 11:25 Mon 19:33
N510MG GLF4 Elmira/Corning Rgnl (KELM) Mon 18:46 Mon 19:30
DAL1678 MD88 Hartsfield-Jackson Intl (KATL) Mon 18:04 Mon 19:29
VRD467 A320 San Francisco Intl (KSFO) Mon 14:57 Mon 19:26
AAL1720 MD82 Dallas/Fort Worth Intl (KDFW) Mon 16:51 Mon 19:25
CHQ7842 E145 Piedmont Triad Intl (KGSO) Mon 18:32 Mon 19:22
UAL872 B763 San Francisco Intl (KSFO) Mon 14:52 Mon 19:21
UAL1688 A320 Luis Munoz Marin Intl (TJSJ) Mon 15:45 Mon 19:19
UAL316 B752 Denver Intl (KDEN) Mon 16:40 Mon 19:17
N25XP BE40 Smith Reynolds (KINT) Mon 18:34 Mon 19:16
UAL932 B752 Denver Intl (KDEN) Mon 19:06 Mon 19:06


I was going to let this slide…but I changed my mind. The gentleman stated the time frame as 4:15ish…which in military time is 1615…which is when the AN-124 arr. IAD. If you’d care to re-check me you’d find the same info I did…and also as an aside I work at IAD and had seen it come in as well.

Oh yeah and before I forget, why would you put the +3 into the time when all you need to do is go to KIAD under arrivals and refresh all the way back to the 1600 time frame…?




Because in my preferences I have set all times to be shown as EST, which is my local time zone. in other words I didn’t PUT in +3 hours, all my times in FA are shown local for me.


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Oy…now I know what you mean. I took off the three hours because aparenlty my geography is substandard…since when is KIAD 3 hours behind EST?? Must have been thinking Dallas vs. Dulles. Man…no more mixing beer with computers…!

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No worries…but just so you don’t make a boo boo with DFW they are 2 hours behind IAD. Good weekend to all!! :wink:


I know you really meant DFW (central time zone) is 1 hour behind IAD (eastern time zone).
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