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Weird flight plan


I was planning a flight for FSX, I was cheking the real schedule to see route and altittude, it was CYUL to CYEG. But I noted something strange on the flight plan tracked by flightaware, it includes a deviation of planned route, with a sudden descent to 8,000 ft (from FL 360), and then going back to FL 360:

flightaware.com/live/flight/ACA … G/tracklog

Does anybody know the reason? Was there an error with the flight tracker? Or was the reason a problem inflight?

Bad data. Look at the Lat/Long positions while it supposedly descended. Waaay off original track.

I noted that, it went off track. Maybe turbulence? Or maybe bad data.

One asks, "can an A320 sustain a climb rate of 10,000 fpm?
Probably a GIGO diversion

Either that or its warp drive malfunctioned…

Of course it can. Being an Airbus HAL is in charge of it and he can do whatever he wants to. Pilots are in the cockpit just for decoration.


Bad data for sure. Take a look at a span of six minutes. A is at FL36-- B is at FL08-- and C is back again at FL36.

maps.google.com/maps?saddr=47.2 … mra=ls&z=5