Website for new operators

Is there a website out there that shows new and or future flights between airports. Because there has been 2 new flights at BTV in the past few days and I would like to find out when there would be for flights.

You may wish to subscribe to the press releases that the airline publish. These are free.
Here’s a few places to check:
Southwest Airlines
American Airlines
Delta Air Lines

You can also personalize to show company news. Another source is to get news alerts from Go to the Google home page, select news, select (or create) an account, and then sign up for the news alerts. Off all the suggestions here, I’d say this last one is probably the best way to go.

Added 15:25 PDT:
If you go the Google route, just create an alert that says “airlines” rather than the individual names of the airlines. Get more data that way.

thanks for this info.