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Web page issues [SOLVED]


Behind a proxy (my company one), the right part of the top-left menus and the ADS-B activity graph cannot be seen.

FF last rev.


can you take a screen shot of what you mean, upload it to imgur.com or photobucket.com, and paste the URL here?


Up !

In “My flightaware”, “My airports” does not work behind a proxy.

In fact, the scripts are ignored when executed from inside my company’s network.

could you try flightaware.com/me/

It’s OK, it works perfectly.

What is the explanation ?

To share your data on FlightAware, you will need to be using a paid, registered version of PlanePlotter, which FlightAware will provide to you for free by request.

The link does not work.

You are behind a strict firewall that is blocking our CDNs (Content Delivery Network) resulting in loss of javascript features.

As for the link, I believe it is supposed to be: flightaware.com/adsb/request
Thank you for bringing that to our attention, we will be fixing it asap.