about flight aware give me the ADS-B

hello everyone
flight aware give me the ADS-B i debug, web pg tip me “server refused to connect” but i’don’t this is why, I’m LAN see the web pg the same tip me “server refused to connect” too, please everyone help me, thank u for everyone
From China Wang

Can you paste your logs or screenshots?

but this is Chinese, u can see the Chinese?

this is pichttp://mfschajian.oss-cn-beijing.aliyuncs.com/123.png


To me it looks like it may be a mis-configured proxy server

stats page suggest the user has a flight feeder - they might need instruction on where to find logs on the device.

You should paste into your address bar

coz i not home, so i use DMZ, but.i LAN see the web pg is the same

But I don’t use proxy servers as the same tip

Can you take a screenshot of your entire browser (with the address bar) accessing ? Thanks!

sorry I am not at home at present, but my mom see the, she tell me there web tip is the same

Not sure if I understood correctly, but 192.168.x.y is a private class address: you cannot access it from the Internet, only from you home.
If you want to access this page from the web, you have to follow another procedure.